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[S2E2] A Door Into The Dark

Having a plausible story arc counts for a lot and of course and from a more mercenary, merchandising perspective, Disney has struck gold with Baby Yoda. (NASA even launched into space this week!) This week's installment, entitled "Chapter 12: The Siege," is an exciting 35 minute episode offering some amazing set piece action, a whole new dark side of the Empire, while still advancing the overall story a little bit as well. What more could you possibly ask for?

[S2E2] A Door Into the Dark

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Using the Mythrol's landspeeder, they approach the base from the bottom of the cavern that it sits atop of. According to Karga, it's powered by tapping into one of the planet's many underground volcanic lava flows, all they have to do is shut down the cooling system and shortly afterwards, everything will explode. Unable to open the access door at the cavern base, Djarin flies up to the overhanging landing pad situated at the top of the cavern and opens the door from there.

After this conversation, Will noted that they wouldn't be able to return to the other world until it got dark, so he suggested a trip to the cinema. He bought them food and tickets, but slept through most of the shows. When it was late enough, the two of them started their journey back to the window that would lead to the other world. Lyra told Will her story of the past few months since she left her home in Jordan College, talking of armoured bears and witches. He listened sympathetically but in his mind he thought that her story couldn't possibly be true. When they finally re-entered the world of Cittàgazze, they discovered a group of children terrorizing the tabby cat that originally led Will to find the window between the worlds. He rescued the cat from them, which made the children realize he was not from around there. Once the children had been scared off by Lyra's dæmon transforming into a leopard, Will and Lyra returned to their home base above the café.

When Will and Lyra were back in the world of Cittàgazze, Will told Lyra about Sir Charles' dæmon. When they arrived at the tower, Lyra told Will about the man she had seen in the window. They couldn't find a way into the tower aside from the front door, so they all carefully entered that way. Will led the way up the stairs and peaked in on the young man before leading Lyra further up the tower. They wanted to explore a bit more before confronting the young man with the knife, and during their investigation of the higher floors, they discovered an old man who had been beaten and tied up. They released him and he introduced himself as Giacomo Paradisi, the "bearer." He explained that the young man had stolen the knife from him but he wouldn't be able to use it.

Since Kirjava settled only shortly after being separated from Will, she was not seen in many forms. When startled by Serafina Pekkala in the forest in the mulefa world, both Kirjava and Pantalaimon turned into wolves. They then flew with her, and Kirjava took the form of a nightingale.[13] When she finally returned to Will, she was a white dove with a crest of dark red feathers.[14]

From the entrance in the southwest corner head north to the wall. Follow the wall along in the darkness 4 tiles to the east and go through the door to the north. From here make your way through the rooms to the teleporter at 17N 4E. This takes a 3 tiles to the east.

Clear the room of treasure, but don't go up the stairs to town yet. Notice the locked door and the passageway to the east. Go down the passage and free Ethon (and the treasure in the last cell). He'll tell you that he went down into the sewers from the entrance in the streets. You'll also find out that he used to be part of the old thieves guild, but is now retired. Before he leaves, he'll give you the key to the second level of the sewers. Return to the main room and go up the stairs.

You begin in a room with a save pedestal and three explosive barrels. Head through the door and kill the three bugbears. Retreat into the doorway to face them 1v1. In the next room are four more bugbears, and a new type of enemy: the gelatin cube, a deadly ranged creature that throws balls of slime, but can also punch you when close. There are three of these in the room.

Following the events of L.D.R, Brooke is taken to the Cave by Eric, where she's imprisoned by him and then punished by Judy for dumping her son. Brooke is shocked to see Marcus in the cave giving her food after she knew what was happening. Brooke begs Marcus to let her go but Marcus simply can't. rooke then continues to call out for Marcus, but Marcus reassures her that there was nothing he could do, while apologizing to her. However Brooke then remarks that that had been a lie and that Marcus knew it. Brooke then asks him how he could betray her, just as the cell door re-opens. Judy then walks into the Cave, telling Brooke to save her voice as they'd need to talk. Judy then explains to Brooke her intentions leaving Brooke disappointed.Judy then tells Brooke to be grateful that Eric had been the only one she had confided in, otherwise she wouldn't of been sitting in that cell. Brooke then questions Judy on how she could do that to her, as they had known each other for year's, with her having been Daniel's girl-friend, but Judy then reminds her that she had broken Daniel's heart. Later, Brooke returns to the dormitory, with Alex asking her where she had been, but she walks past him and to Daniel, telling that she'd made a terrible mistake and going in for a kiss, as Alex watches on.

All this unfolds as Casey and Severide dive into the dark trenches of the rubble in search of Dawson. Despite their constant calls, they hear no response. Is she dead, like so many others? On the other side of the rubble, Dawson stirs - weak and in pain. Unable to muster a scream to alert them to her whereabouts, she knocks two metal poles together. The rhythmic noise leads Casey and Severide to her location and, with Herrmann's help removing the slabs of concrete from above, they lift Dawson out. The whole team celebrates.

It's early morning at the Kent Farm and Martha is listening to the news, which reports that the world has begun to recover from Dark Thursday, but efforts in Metropolis are progressing the fastest. Just then, Clark comes home and Martha guesses that he's been out all night repairing things in Metropolis. Clark explains that he feels like the whole mess is his fault because he didn't defeat Zod quickly enough. He looks exhausted and Martha asks him to take a break and get some rest, but he insists on starting his farm chores. In the barn, Clark is repairing some steps when he releases a sneeze that is so powerful, it blows the barn door off its hinges and into the sky, much to Clark's shock. Lois is out jogging and is startled when it suddenly falls out of the sky to land upright into the field next to her.

Clark goes to the Daily Planet to tell Chloe about his sneeze. She is unconcerned until he sneezes again, blowing papers and books all over the office. He explains that Lois is digging into the errant barn door. Chloe tells him to take care of his cold and she'll deal with Lois. Back at home, Clark is feeling worse, but Lionel shows up and asks Clark to find Lex. He suggests that if Lex is tortured long enough, he might remember being Zod and reveal Clark's secret. 041b061a72


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