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3ds Development Unit Software 12

you can transfer ownership of all nintendo network ids and nintendo wii points balances to your nintendo 3ds family system or nintendo 3ds xl family system, which you can add to the online account in the nintendo eshop by entering your e-mail address and password. as a reminder, payment for access to the nintendo eshop is handled by nintendo of america using a system that ensures purchases made are correctly credited to your account.

3ds Development Unit Software 12

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maceng with a wii remote plus connected to a wii u console, there is a 'new' nintendo wii remote created in the wii u system to which the wii remote plus is connected. this has the same memory and processing as the wii remote plus, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, and 3d motion-tracking capability. this means you can get up to four wii remote plus controllers connected to a single wii u console. this is true for some games (but not all), as the wii u hardware is not capable of outputting two wii remotes at once.

maceng while the game industry focused its attention on apple and its app store, nintendo was quietly pushing ahead with the wii u software store. users can download apps directly to their wii u systems.

maceng sony was able to prevent development of homebrew software on the playstation vita, which was released in 2012. it was primarily thanks to sony's hardware development that game boy titles could not run on the playstation vita, although some homebrew games were developed.

maceng even though the nintendo 3ds has been available since 2011, the nintendo 3ds emulator was not released until 2012. nintendo itself did not actively support the emulator, but its development was handled by fans.


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