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Mevo And The Groove Riders Cracked

Mevo and the Groove Riders ED

Mevo and the Groove Riders ED is a rhythm game that challenges players to tap two keys in sync with the music. The game features five different worlds, each with its own theme and style, and a variety of avatars that can be unlocked and customized. The game is developed by Red Rocket Games and was released for PC in 2009.



The game is played with only two keys, either the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys. The player controls Mevo, a small creature who is on a quest to reunite his band, bring back funk, and defeat the enemy Silence. Mevo runs automatically on a track that is divided into two lanes. The player must switch lanes by tapping the corresponding key when Mevo reaches a note. The notes are synchronized with the music, and hitting them correctly will increase the score and the groove meter. Missing notes will decrease the groove meter and cause Mevo to lose his avatar's accessories. If the groove meter runs out, the game is over.

The game has five worlds: Ocean, Jungle, Desert, Space, and Wormhole. Each world has four levels, except for Wormhole, which has only one. The levels have different themes and backgrounds, such as underwater, ancient ruins, alien planets, and psychedelic tunnels. The music also changes according to the world, ranging from reggae, rock, techno, to funk. The player can choose from three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The difficulty affects the speed of Mevo's movement and the number of notes on the track.


The game allows the player to customize Mevo's appearance by unlocking and equipping different avatars. Avatars are sets of accessories that change Mevo's head, body, arms, legs, and tail. There are 45 avatars in total, each with its own name and description. Some examples of avatars are:

  • Fishy: A fish-like avatar that gives Mevo fins, scales, and bubbles.

  • Rockstar: A rock-themed avatar that gives Mevo a mohawk, sunglasses, guitar, and leather jacket.

  • Astro: A space-themed avatar that gives Mevo a helmet, jetpack, laser gun, and rocket boots.

  • Funky: A funk-themed avatar that gives Mevo an afro, sunglasses, disco ball, and platform shoes.

Avatars can be unlocked by completing certain objectives in each level, such as reaching a certain score, hitting a certain number of notes in a row, or finding hidden items. Avatars can also be bought with coins that are collected during gameplay. Coins can also be used to buy power-ups that can help Mevo in his quest.


Mevo and the Groove Riders ED received mostly positive reviews from critics and players alike. The game was praised for its simple but addictive gameplay, its colorful graphics and animations, its catchy music and sound effects, and its humorous tone and story. Some of the drawbacks of the game were its short length, its lack of online features or leaderboards, its occasional bugs and glitches, and its high difficulty level on some stages.

The game currently has a score of 72 on Metacritic based on 5 critic reviews. On Steam, the game has a rating of 7/10 based on 9 user reviews. On GameFAQs, the game has a rating of 4/5 based on 1 user review.


Mevo and the Groove Riders ED is a fun and funky rhythm game that will appeal to fans of music games or casual games in general. The game offers a unique gameplay experience that only requires two keys to play but still provides a challenge for players of all skill levels. The game also features a charming story and characters that will make players smile and laugh along the way. Mevo and the Groove Riders ED is a game that deserves more attention and recognition for its originality and creativity.


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