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The Poison Rose(2019)

Carson and Jayne reconcile and he finds a bottle of cancer pills. This same substance was found in Happy's blood. He accuses her of "doing anything to protect her daughter" and realizes that she was the one who poisoned Happy. Becky comes out and asks her if she did it. At first Jayne denies everything, but then admits that she thought that Happy would kill Becky and since she herself did not have long to live, no one would be left to protect her daughter. Becky forgives her.

The Poison Rose(2019)

Parents need to know that The Poison Rose is an American thriller starring John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, and Brendan Fraser. Carson Phillips (Travolta) is a private investigator tasked with finding a mission person. But he soon finds a deeper web of criminality that goes way beyond a simple missing person case. Expect some bloody gun violence and shootouts, including people getting shot in the head, chest, and body. Mature themes are touched upon throughout, including drug abuse, domestic abuse, addiction, and murder. A teen is poisoned and murdered. Adults smoke cigarettes constantly and drink alcohol often. A woman romantically dances and sings on stage in a revealing dress (partial nudity, bare breasts). Strong language throughout includes: "f--k," "f--king," "s--t," "t-ts," "ass," "bitch," and "damn."

After Becky emerged and asked her mother if she killed Happy, Jayne broke down and confessed while embracing her daughter. Out of fear that the abusive Happy would kill Becky, Jayne turned heel by poisoning Happy with her cancer medication, adding that she committed the murder knowing that she wouldn't live long enough to protect Becky. The film ended with Carson remaining in his hometown and staying with Jayne and Becky, with the added implication that Jayne avoided charges for killing her son-in-law. 041b061a72


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