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Amagami Ss Game English Download Pc

How to Play Amagami SS on PC with English Patch

Amagami SS is a popular anime series based on a dating simulation game for the PlayStation 2. The game features six different heroines, each with their own story and multiple endings. The game was never officially released outside of Japan, but thanks to a fan translation project, you can now enjoy it on your PC with English subtitles. Here is how to download and install the game and the patch.

Step 1: Download the game files

The game consists of two parts: Amagami and Amagami Ebikore+. You need both of them to play the full game. You can download them from the Internet Archive, where they are uploaded by a user named Okatu Gal Games. The files are in ISO format, which means they are disc images that you can mount or burn to a CD or DVD. Alternatively, you can use an emulator like PCSX2 to run them on your PC.

Download File:

Step 2: Download the patch files

The patch files are provided by a group called Ni Shi Shi Translations, who have been working on translating the game since 2016. They have recently announced that they have completed the translation and are now fixing some bugs and issues before releasing the final version. However, you can still download the latest beta version of the patch from their website. The patch files are in ZIP format, which means they are compressed and need to be extracted.

Step 3: Apply the patch

To apply the patch, you need to copy the contents of the ZIP file into the same folder where you have the ISO files of the game. Then, you need to run the executable file called "Amagami English Patch.exe". This will launch a program that will automatically detect and patch the game files. You can choose which part of the game you want to patch: Amagami or Amagami Ebikore+. You can also choose whether you want to apply some optional patches, such as uncensoring or font changing.

Step 4: Enjoy the game

Once the patching process is done, you can start playing the game on your PC. You can either mount or burn the ISO files to a disc and play them on your PlayStation 2, or use an emulator like PCSX2 to run them on your PC. You will need a BIOS file and some plugins for PCSX2, which you can find online. You will also need a controller or a keyboard to play the game. You can configure the settings and controls in PCSX2 according to your preference.

That's it! You have successfully downloaded and installed Amagami SS on your PC with English subtitles. Now you can enjoy this romantic and charming game with its beautiful graphics and music, and its diverse and lovable characters. Have fun!


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