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Elune Theme For Windows 7 Theme

It's hard to believe that Windows 7 has already been out for over four years. That's a long time to be staring at the same old Aero theme day in and day out. Are you ready for a change? If so, we've got a treat in store for you.

Elune Theme For Windows 7 Theme

Download Zip:

The theme system that powers Windows 7's appearance isn't the most flexible out there, but it's still quite powerful. Hundreds of artists have tried their hand at re-skinning the operating system and many attempts have turned out great, but the difficulty is in trying to sort through all of them.

Geniun 8 is one of the sleekest themes I've ever seen for Windows. Inspired by the Metro look of Windows 8, it aims for a flat minimalism that doesn't distract you in any way. It's a complete facelift that makes everything look as clean as it should be.

If you want something similar to Gizdom with a smoother, softer sense of styling, then Adagio is the one you want. It feels like a blend of Windows, Mac, and Linux Gnome all wrapped up into a pretty little theme. Think of what might happen if Vista was touched with a dash of minimalism and a spritz of Mac.

Shine 2.0 is a theme that's often mentioned in Windows 7 theme roundups like this post. It takes the modern aesthetics of Windows 8 and spins it with its own twist, turning it fully translucent with a bit of glassy shine (hence the name). But beware: due to its lack of contrast, it can be difficult on the eyes if your wallpaper is exceedingly dark or bright.

Here's another translucent theme that will stun you. Just as Shine 2.0 is a unique see-through twist on the look of Windows 8, Elune is a unique see-through twist on the look of Vista. In fact, Elune is more than just a twist. It's the successor that fixed everything that was wrong with Vista and then some.

Do you prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8? You aren't alone. But maybe you prefer the look of Windows 8? You still aren't alone. This theme is a respectable attempt to replicate the look of Windows 8 for Windows 7 so that people like you and me can enjoy a modernized version of Aero.

All of these visual styles come from DeviantArt, but it isn't the only site where you can find skins and themes. Check out those alternative sites for more visual customization options. If you've moved on from Windows 7, you may find these Windows 8 themes useful.

Glass onion is a glassy and minimal theme. It features a similar glassy look to the standard Windows 7 user interface, but smoother, simpler, and cleaner. It comes in 3 flavors Dawn, Noon, and Dusk. This package comes with Theme, Icons, and log in screen.

Frosty! This theme is sure to give you some goose bump. The clean transparent look of this Windows 7 theme is exactly what I have been looking for so a long time. I like the colors and how they flow with all the other elements of this theme, like the buttons. Another great theme from this designer. Download Here

This dark and metallic Windows 7 skin is definetely a step away from the typical themes we see, but it really has a great design. The design is not over done or too cluders with stuff and the main windows buttons are light enough for most users. The blue light background is really the focal point and makes this theme usable as it adds some much needed light. This is a wonderful example of a tech/industrial design. Download Here

Windows 7 is probably the best operating system designed by Microsoft ever. There are many themes available for windows 7 that can help your computer look better. Many of the themes completely change the look of your Windows 7 computer while others enhance a particular section of the user interface. Here we have some of the best windows 7 themes to enhance the look of your windows.

Aerosnap 7 is one of the themes for your windows 7 that stands out. The theme is a powerful application that allows you to resize, arrange and maximize your desktop windows with just drag and drop. You can simply drag a window to a slide of your desktop to snap it or drag it to the top to maximize it. You can also drag it back to the last position to restore the last window size. You can use the theme to resize your windows to half size with a single click.

Neon is glowing theme designed for both X86 and X64 versions of windows 7.The theme is a perfect fusion between the darkness and clarity. Neon has new window borders, new start menu look, a new stylish taskbar, back/forward buttons and much more.

If you like red, this is the theme for you. Red fusion is designed for X64 ATM. If you use it on X86 the program bar will show as the white bar, instead of the red one. The theme includes 3x custom gadgets, an exclusive start button, 15 high resolution wallpapers, one logon screen and an app to change it.

This beautiful theme for windows 7 is compatible with both X86 and X64 versions of windows 7.The pack contains the files needed to change the visual style of your computer and well as the patches needed for the theme to work.

This stylish theme allows you to change desktop by providing, more transparent start menu and Taskbar, transparent addressbar and search bar in explorer, cool blue progressbar. The theme also provides glow effect in taskbar buttons, system tray, start menu, explorer addressbar and searchbar.

The Elune is a simple glassy theme by deviantART. The theme will give relaxing look to your desktop. It has brilliant navigation and caption buttons. Theme has simply an awesome user interface which any one would love to have.

The sico theme has a new start panel, an enhanced user picture frame in the start panel, task bar with curved corners, a top shellstyle for explorer and games .it also includes new buttons for your media player and much more. The visibility of options and icons is great.

Windows 7 black transparent is a sharp black transparent theme for windows 7 by devaintART. The theme has elegant transparent window frames, with cool black desktop back ground, transparent taskbar, stylish start menu, navigation buttons and much more.

Sick and bored of default Windows 8 themes? we are here to showcase some super cool third-party Windows 8 themes to transform your Desktop. Windows always offer tons of customization options. In Windows 8 like previous versions, you can change icons, apply wallpapers & themes, gadgets and widgets and much more.

Before getting started, first you need to know how to install and apply themes. Unlike Windows 7 easy theme installation, Windows 8 has different theme installation procedure. You need to modify system files in order to install a third-party Windows 8 theme. You can modify these system files easily with UltraUXThemePatcher. It is one of the best theme patchers with features like non-problematic installation, backup feature, fast easy and free.

UltraUXThemePatcher is a very lightweight program, it sizes only 156kb. Installation takes less than a minute time. After the successful installation, the program asks for a system reboot. After reboot, your system files will successfully modify and ready to accept a third-party Windows 8 theme files.

This is an awesome theme which is made by linkk6155, with this theme your Windows 8 gets an overhaul where your appearance can get totally different. The base theme comes with Windows 8.1 compatibility along with Windows 8, after applying the theme you can easily notice the window frames and taskbars to become black. There is a large selection of wallpapers available in the theme which you can apply as per your selection. The theme is around 51.5 MB in size and is available for free.

This theme is made by neiio, and it comes with a host of changes on the traditional windows look. This theme comes with the same color of the theme which used to come with Windows XP as Olive. The theme stylizes the process bar and many other sections of Windows which also includes certain icons, but do note that you are not going to find many changes apart from the huge selection of wallpapers which are accompanied with the theme and the different way of certain icons, certain process bars. Even the mouse pointers on this theme remain more or less the same.

This theme provides a dark theme to the Windows 8, wherein we do get a number of different features. This application has an overall red theme which is further complemented by Red accents at many places. The theme gets the CPU, and RAM utilization pointer on the taskbar and the temperature indicator at the side of these two. This theme also has an assorted collection of wallpapers which further complements the whole black and red combination. The theme also comes with its own selection of icons and even there are a few icons missing which makes the windows to display a blank icon.

Another theme which gives an elegant look to your computer. The theme makes your PC a soft and cute looking PC where the theme will work to make changes to your icons, some of the menus where they will look totally different. As always with every theme, it is not possible to change the whole look, but on most of the common places such as the Windows Explorer, Start Menu, and the Right Click menu is changed which gives your PC a complete overhaul. Do note that this theme will change some of the icons hence at the start you might have to search for different icons as you might get confused.

If you are looking to give your PC an overhaul then this is going to be the best choice for you. This theme is inspired by MacOS and most of the icons comes just like a copy of the Mac OS theme. All the different menus, taskbar, and the status bar are changed, most of the menus in the theme are changed. With a different look with its assorted set of wallpapers, the theme makes out the most for you. Even the dock at the bottom is replicating the Mac OS and hence you will surely be getting the feel of using a Mac, do note that this will not give you the stability of Mac. Also, the whole theme is set upon a white base.

Again a theme from neiio, this theme will make you have a better workflow and will eventually increase your productivity. The theme gives your PC an overhaul with White, Dark Grey and Grey theme. The start menu is tweaked, and there comes a number of different tweaks to the close, minimize and other buttons. Icons on Windows are more or less the same, with minimal customizations towards the icons. The theme also helps you to make your overall work area look bigger. Hence your old small screen will become bigger by using this theme. There is a simple selection of wallpapers.


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