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Cooper Hernandez
Cooper Hernandez

Gang Bang Breeders 3.mp4

It's been a while since I've covered any of these sites, so lets start this year off with some good-ole' filthy group gang-bang scenes featuring a bevy of amateur jock and twink fuck sluts and cum dumps, shall we? I got scenes from FratX, Sketchy Sex, and Face Down Ass Up to start your pervy weekend off right. Plug In and Get Off with these three scenes by clicking on any of their banners to take you directly to their site. And my apologies, but due to the nature of these sites, no performer names or info is provided. This of it all as awesomely anonymous and amateur, like you walked in on a fuck party and were invited to hang out a while and watch!

Gang Bang Breeders 3.mp4

Goddamn these cum-slurping youngsters just can't get enough, can they? Over at FratX (formerly FraternityX), they got a blonde twink cutie whose frat brothers are using him in a depraved round of "Pass the Ass." Whether they're taking turns filling his face with young hard dicks or slamming his tight hole with greedy jock cocks, he's getting all the attention as they verbally abuse him and physically devour him. But is he hating any of this? As Kevin MacCalister said in Home Alone, "I don't think so." This is some serious gang-bang action as he's taken legs to the sky, or on his face, or riding a dude in a chair; he never stops moaning and groaning as his cavities are stuffed and his dignity flies out the window. So long, dignity! Hello, pleasure. He's a bottom bitch, serving the room as they selfishly see fit, ending only when his face and mouth are splattered with several loads of hot creamy jizz. 041b061a72


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