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<img Width "1280" Height "720" Src "https: Lee...

However, by doing so, that also kills my iphone4+ styling where I *do* want the footer to display. The problem is that the iphone4+ and the normal *smartphone* min/max dimensions are targeting the same dimensions of 320 and 480 respectively and I am unable to get separate devices with same width/height ratios to be targeted differently without overriding each other. Any online articles that talk about this would be greatly appreciated!

<img width "1280" height "720" src "https: lee...


Using device-height and device-width, respectively min/max-device-height and min/max-device-width is deprecated per MDN -US/docs/Web/CSS/Media_Queries/Using_media_queries and should not be used any more.

The best practice of setting dimensions applies to &LTimg> tags regardless of whether or not they are being loaded lazily. With lazy loading, this can become more relevant. Setting width and height on images in modern browsers also allows browsers to infer their intrinsic size.In most scenarios images still lazy-load if dimensions are not included, but there are a few edge cases you should be aware of. Without width and height specified, image dimensions are 00 pixels at first. If you have a gallery of such images, the browser may conclude that all of them fit inside the viewport at the start, as each takes up practically no space and no image is pushed offscreen. In this case the browser determines that all of them are visible to the user and decides to load everything.Also, specifying image dimensions decreases the chances of layout shifts happening. If you are unable to include dimensions for your images, lazy loading them can be a trade-off between saving network resources and potentially being more at risk of layout shift.While lazy loading in Chromium is implemented in a way such that images are likely to be loaded once they are visible, there is still a small chance that they might not be loaded yet. In this case, missing width and height attributes on such images increase their impact on Cumulative Layout Shift.Take a look at this demo to see how the loading attribute works with 100 pictures.Images that are defined using the &LTpicture> element can also be lazy-loaded:

The value which the width/height should be divisible by. It defaults to16. The offset is automatically adjusted to center the video. Use 2 toget only even dimensions (needed for 4:2:2 video). 16 is best whenencoding to most video codecs.

Specify a rectangular area where to limit the search for motionvectors.If desired the search for motion vectors can be limited to arectangular area of the frame defined by its top left corner, widthand height. These parameters have the same meaning as the drawboxfilter which can be used to visualise the position of the boundingbox.

Just curious about do_transform and do_transform_in. Which function should be good if the job is like videocrop to output a cropped stream where source and sink caps like width and height are different? 041b061a72


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