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About Us

Five Trees Bowlish is a unique wild cosmetics garden which combines heritage with organic and permaculture principles to make the first English national collection of wild plants commonly used in cosmetics.

Through hard work and dedication, I have grown a cosmetic research company from scratch, which now spans the globe. Ayton Global Research began in 1995 and is the main sponsor of Five Trees National Wild Cosmetics Garden and Research Centre.


Five Trees Bowlish

From Dream to Reality

I am interested in studying the natural conditions which shape and influence the process of growing plants for the cosmetics industry. My long-term goal is to provide an organic site in which a range of cosmetic plants will grow and be studied by researchers and academics. We will seed, plant, catalogue and study a range of heritage flora in conjunction with many cosmetic brands, societies, universities and research institutes as possible. Read more about these projects below.

Planting Boxes
Organic Compost

Selecting and Sowing Seeds

October 1st 2020

In an effort to gain a better understanding of what would have grown in the wild long before conventional farming methods, I am currently collaborating with other research facilities to stock Five Trees with a wide variety of plants commonly used in cosmetics, along with the seeds that we are sowing. Our laboratory come kitchen has the facilities to study the plants onsite where they are at their best.


April 12th 2022

Five Trees has organic manure and hay onsite and a plentiful supply of cardboard from Ayton Global Research. When combined, they will make a rich compost which will be ready in the Spring of 2022. Five Trees Bowlish will be self sufficient at this stage, with zero miles compost.


March 1st 2021

We still have only a very limited understanding of which cosmetic plants will grow in the wild in Somerset. This project will establish a number of test beds and will be fully catalogued and available to study by our partner organisations.