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Owen Watson

The Personal MBA _TOP_

The Personal MBA has been featured as the #1 bestseller in Business Training and Business Management on The widely-acclaimed Personal MBA manifesto and business reading list has been downloaded over 5 million times via

The Personal MBA

How to start your own successful business under very specific conditions: limited resources, no outside funding, no employees, and no shareholders, while maintaining personal interests and healthy relationships with family and friends. Sound difficult? It's easier (and more rewarding) than you might expect.

How to conduct high impact, low risk experiments to improve every aspect of your life and work. In contrast to slow and expensive large-scale studies, quick and inexpensive personal experiments can help you discover new ways to solve major problems and get better results.

I have watched almost every business course here on Creative Live and the Josh Kaufman's The personal MBA course is probably one of the best. I watched the live broadcast and then the rebroadcast a few weeks later. I decided to purchase the bundle, course 1 and 2. I still go back and watch them, because even though I'm now very familiar with his content- it still inspires me every time. He is a terrific teacher and he will help you to understand the foundations of business very quickly.

The Golden Trifecta is my personal three-word summary of How to Win Friends and Influence People. If you want to make others feel Important and safe around you, always remember to treat people with appreciation, courtesy, and respect.

"The personal MBA " by Josh Kaufman is a must read book for any forthcoming Entrepreneur or each and everyone who wants to start a business. It is also a wonderful manual for anyone who needs and intrested to learn the essential aspects of "Business Management".

Even better, the book contains not just pure business concepts but also concepts on personal effectiveness. Why? Because the author believes that you can only run your business well if you are also effective as a person.

You need to constantly improve yourself. For that reason, you should allocate money for your personal research and development. You can use the money to buy books, attend conferences, and do other things that improve yourself. 041b061a72


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