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1024x768 Santa Enters House Through Chimney Pla...

Santa enters the house through the chimney and leaves gifts in socks hanging on the fireplace. Sinterklaas, along with assistant Black Pete, also descends into the chimney and puts gifts in shoes left near the fireplace. Befana penetrated through the window, and later through the chimney, when they began to be massively used in Europe.

1024x768 Santa enters house through chimney pla...

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Modern Nisse (or Joulupukki, as they are often called) are still very different from Santa Claus in many ways. They tend to be of normal build and ride sleds that don't fly. Also, they do not live at the North Pole. The children are told that the Nisse live in the forest near their homes. Also, Nisse does not bring gifts to children, entering the house through the chimney at night. Instead, a parent or relative dresses up as Nissa and personally gives gifts to the kids.

Modern Father Christmas is practically no different from Santa Claus in terms of the way gifts are given. He rides a reindeer-drawn sleigh and sneaks into houses through chimneys to give gifts to obedient children, who often leave treats for him. In some countries, Greenland is considered the birthplace of the Father of Christmas, in others - Lapland, a former province of Finland. 041b061a72


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