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Cd Timecode Traktor Iso Mk2

CD Timecode Traktor ISO MK2

If you are a DJ who uses Traktor software to mix and scratch digital music files, you may be interested in using CD timecode to control your tracks. CD timecode is a special audio signal that can be played from a CD player and detected by Traktor, allowing you to manipulate the playback of your music files with the CD player's pitch, cue, and jog wheel functions. This way, you can enjoy the feel and flexibility of using a CD player without sacrificing the convenience and versatility of using digital music files.

However, not all CD players are compatible with Traktor's timecode system. You need to use a CD player that can read and play ISO files, which are disc images that contain the exact data of a CD. ISO files are different from regular audio files, such as MP3 or WAV, which only contain the sound information of a CD. ISO files preserve the original structure and format of a CD, including the subcodes and error correction data that are essential for Traktor to recognize and process the timecode signal.


Traktor provides its own ISO files for CD timecode, which are called MK2. These files are specially designed to work with Traktor's timecode system, and they offer improved performance and accuracy compared to the previous MK1 version. The MK2 files are also compatible with newer versions of Traktor, starting from 2.1.1 and higher. You can download the MK2 files from Traktor's website or from other sources. You can also purchase them in physical form as control CDs from Traktor's webshop or from your local music retailer.

To use the MK2 files, you need to burn them as ISO images onto blank CDs using a software that can handle ISO burning, such as Nero or ImgBurn. Do not burn them as regular audio CDs, as this will not preserve the original data and format of the files. Once you have burned the CDs, you can insert them into your CD player and connect it to your computer via an audio interface that is compatible with Traktor. You can find a list of certified audio interfaces on Traktor's website. You also need to configure Traktor's settings to enable timecode control and select the appropriate input and output channels for your audio interface.

After setting up your equipment and software, you can start playing the CDs and use them to control your music files in Traktor. You can switch between different tracks, adjust the tempo and pitch, cue and loop sections, scratch and spin back, and perform other creative effects with your CD player. You can also use other accessories, such as slipmats or butter rugs, to enhance your control and feel of the CDs. You can find these accessories on Traktor's webshop or from other sources.

CD timecode is a great way to combine the best of both worlds: the tactile and intuitive experience of using a CD player with the power and flexibility of using digital music files. By using the MK2 ISO files from Traktor, you can ensure that your timecode system works smoothly and accurately with your software and hardware. Whether you are a beginner or a professional DJ, you can enjoy mixing and scratching your music with CD timecode.


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