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Pepsi Phone Buy ((LINK))

PepsiCo will launch a smartphone (and accessories) in China next week. Tech blog Mobipicker was the first(Opens in a new window) to spot a Chinese Weibo page(Opens in a new window) with the title "Pepsi Phone," and translated tags like IT, Internet, electronic products, and mobile phone manufacturers.

pepsi phone buy


We have a new Target mobile coupon you can request, this one is for $5 gift card with $20 Pepsi or Frito-Lay Snacks purchase through 7/28. Simply text PEPSI to 827438 to have this sent straight to your phone. You can also find this coupon in Target app or in the weekly ad. Make sure you check out Cartwheel for additional savings. Here are some of the brands included:

Pepsi's social vending prototype machine features a touch-screen that lets you enter a friend's name, mobile number and text message -- and get this -- "gift" a beverage to them.If that's not cool enough, another option lets you record a short video right at the machine and send that with the gift, too. Your friend can redeem his drink at the nearest Pepsi "Be Social" vending machine after entering a code that goes along with the text message. They can also send back a "Thank you" message.PepsiCo said email addresses and phone numbers aren't stored unless permitted by users. It plans to roll out machines next year. NEXT: Ramen Noodles in three minutes

Prior to Opening Day, you can SAVE when you purchase outside gate admission tickets at the OKC Fairgrounds Box Office, online at or by calling 405-948-6800. Advance gate tickets are also available at metro area OnCue stores and MidFirst Banks, beginning in mid-August. Season passes can be purchased at the Box Office or by phone at 405-948-6800.

Leonard noticed some fine print. In place of labels, consumers could buy Pepsi points for ten cents each. He did the math and quickly figured out that it'd take him $700,000 to buy the Pepsi points he needed for the Harrier Jet. Then Leonard hit the phones and convinced five well off investors to give him the $700,000.

Pepsi's interactive push around this year's holiday season comes as rivals are also leaning into mobile. Coca-Cola yesterday unveiled what it's billing as its first "large-scale" augmented reality (AR) activation. Seasonal Coke packaging can be scanned with a smartphone camera to reveal virtual depictions of the brand's long-standing polar bear mascots.

"The reality of it is people go everywhere with their phones, so it's an easy way [to engage them]," Kaplan said of Pepsi's mobile-first approach. "This just simplifies so many layers from how sweepstakes or promotions used to be run."

Tickets to all upcoming events are available online at, charge-by-phone at 888-9-AXS-TIX (888-929-7849) or at the T-Mobile Arena Box Office. Attendees under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.

If you have questions regarding your ticket purchase please contact RPM Ticketing, they handle all ticketing needs and have records of all ticket purchases. Please email or phone 480.656.9940.

Corbin on Contracts, 1.11 at 30 (emphasis added). An obvious joke, of course, would not give rise to a contract. See, e.g., Graves v. Northern N.Y. Pub. Co., 260 A.D. 900, 22 N.Y.S.2d 537 (1940) (dismissing claim to offer of $1000, which appeared in the "joke column" of the newspaper, to any person who could provide a commonly available phone number). On the other hand, if there is no indication that the offer is "evidently in jest," and that an objective, reasonable person would find that the offer was serious, then there may be a valid offer. See Barnes, 549 P.2d at 1155 ("[I]f the jest is not apparent and a reasonable hearer would believe that an offer was being made, then the speaker risks the formation of a contract which was not intended."); see also Lucy v. Zehmer, 196 Va. 493, 84 S.E.2d 516, 518, 520 (1954) *128 (ordering specific performance of a contract to purchase a farm despite defendant's protestation that the transaction was done in jest as "`just a bunch of two doggoned drunks bluffing'").

"I was surprised that they initiated a lawsuit, frankly," Todd said in the documentary. "If anything, I thought there would have been a phone call or there would have been, 'Can we sit down and talk with you guys and see if you're real, if you're not real, if you really believe this ad, or you didn't?' Or whatever. We just filled out their instruction book and they followed it up by suing us."

These days, you can get a feeling that almost everybody with enough money can make a smartphone. This is particularly true in China, where new phone makers are basically appearing overnight. But what really makes one raise eyebrows is when a non-tech company, or one that operates in another field, is willing to try its luck in the phone making business.

I know it sounds crazy, but American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation PepsiCo is apparently working on its own smartphone. PepsiCo has confirmed to Reuters that it will indeed launch a line of Pepsi smartphones and accessories in China:

Customers must simply buy a single-serve drink and snack with a special marking, use their phone to scan the codes of both within 48 hours of each other and money will be deposited into their PayPal or Venmo accounts.

The real question is, why would you ever want to own a Pepsi branded smartphone? If it's not going to give you any clear benefits apart from that red, white and blue logo on the back it's a strange choice. 041b061a72


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