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Sometimes They Come Back

For one, the Sometimes They Come Back title is not meant to refer to the undead greasers that menace Jim, it's meant to be about the demon Jim uses black magic to summon in the book, which then takes his enemies back to Hell. It then warns Jim it might return. Also, while Wayne returns to help Jim at the end of the film, and the two then pay a fond farewell, it's entirely different on the page. Wayne doesn't come back, instead the demon Jim summons takes on Wayne's appearance, leading to a sinister reunion.

Sometimes They Come Back

Teacher Jim Norman reluctantly returns to his hometown to a job at the local school almost 30 years after he left. Bad memories linger in the town where his brother Wayne was killed by a local rebel gang and he escaped unharmed. Those responsible died in a blazing car wreck. But sometimes the dead aren't ready to die and come back to take care of unfinished business.

With its audience very much in mind, Sometimes They Come Back never goes too far, especially in gore terms and it often feels like it is holding back from doing anything too scary. There are constant sinister undertones to keep the audience at a certain level of discomfort. There is something so unjust about a group of bullies coming back from the dead to try and get the brother they missed the first time, and this is classic King. It does look a bit dated in places but the way the greasers are shown in their undead forms is very cool and adds to the b-movie charm of the film. 041b061a72


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