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Breadbox Ensemble 4.13: A DOS-Based Office Suite

Breadbox Ensemble is a computer operating environment, graphical user interface (GUI), and suite of application software for DOS-based, IBM PC compatible computers. It is based on the GEOS operating system, which was originally developed by Berkeley Softworks and later renamed GeoWorks Ensemble. Breadbox Ensemble 4.13 is the latest version of the software, released in 2009 by Breadbox Computer Company.

Breadbox Ensemble provides a Windows-95 like user interface with a task bar and start menu, as well as a suite of productivity applications, such as word processor, spreadsheet, database, drawing, calendar, address book, and email. It also supports networking, internet access, and multimedia features. Breadbox Ensemble can run on any PC with at least a 386 processor, 4 MB of RAM, and 20 MB of hard disk space.

Download Zip:

Breadbox Ensemble is designed to be compatible with popular file formats, such as Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and JPEG. It also supports printing, scanning, faxing, and CD-ROMs. Breadbox Ensemble can run many DOS and Windows 3.x applications in a windowed or full-screen mode.

Breadbox Ensemble is ideal for users who want to use their old PCs for office work, education, or entertainment. It is also suitable for hobbyists who want to explore the history and legacy of the GEOS operating system. Breadbox Ensemble is available for purchase from the official website of blueway.Softworks, the current owner of the software.

If you want to learn more about Breadbox Ensemble and see it in action, you can watch this YouTube video by Michael MJD, who demonstrates how to install and use the software on a virtual machine.


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