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Chess Is My Life Karpov Pdf Download

This work is a book of chess, literature, history, overcoming, love of life, science and art. And a great source of inspiration, coming from one of the most brilliant minds that have ever passed through this world. A must-have book in any chess library.

chess is my life karpov pdf download

In 1978, Kasparov participated in the Sokolsky Memorial tournament in Minsk. He had been invited as an exception but took first place and became a chess master. Kasparov has repeatedly said that this event was a turning point in his life and that it convinced him to choose chess as his career. "I will remember the Sokolsky Memorial as long as I live", he wrote. He has also said that after the victory, he thought he had a very good shot at the World Championship.[32]

Kasparov said he might play in some rapid chess events for fun, but he intended to spend more time on his books, including the My Great Predecessors series, and work on the links between decision-making in chess and other areas of life. He also stated that he would continue to involve himself in Russian politics, which he viewed as "headed down the wrong path."[84][85] 350c69d7ab


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