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Cooper Hernandez

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okta users can sign-up for a free 15-day trial of okta to explore okta. once a user has created a self-service or enterprise app to integrate with okta, they can select a subscription. the trial period includes both the enterprise access control and the enterprise authentication. users are emailed about any cancellation requests, and they may choose to cancel after the trial period.

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when using the okta routing domain field, an okta domain (defined in the okta global domains config.js) is added to the default url to route oidc requests to the okta application. this is useful for scenarios where you want to have a subdomain that calls the okta application as a rest api. the app also has the okta domain added as the prefix for the okta application management url.

when you are on, or a user navigates to a okta-hosted web page via a mobile or web browser, the okta client will retrieve the signed xml form. the okta application will verify the validity of the signed request, respond with an authorization code, and then present a web browser to the end-user. the web browser creates a post request to the okta-hosted web application, containing the auth0 identity data and the validation code.

your okta instance is protected by palo alto networks services, including network application control (nac), network security & control (ns&c), and neutrino proxy. protecting okta systems from attacks and misconfigurations is a central effort of the palo alto networks team. we work closely with okta, to ensure okta-hosted applications remain secure.

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