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Mainit Falls Malabuyoc

Malabuyoc is a fifth-income class municipality located 126 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. It is bounded by Alegria to the north and Ginatilan to the south. Similar to the municipalities of southwestern Cebu, Malabuyoc is blessed with beaches and waterfalls like Handigan Falls and Malabuyoc Falls but it is most famous for its hot sulfur springs called Mainit Springs.

mainit falls malabuyoc

  • After being amazed by the waterfalls in Samboan, our chasing waterfall adventure in Southern Cebu continues to the town of Ginatilan. We went to Inambakan falls with a little side trip to Mainit Hot Spring in Malabuyoc to see Montaneza falls.Stream of water from Inambakan FallsHow to get thereCeres bus en route Bato via Barili Malabuyoc and Ginatilan are neighboring towns. Before they were part of a bigger Samboan town. Ginatilan is around 135 KM from Cebu. Aside from the natural spots that you can find here. Ginatilan was also the hometown of Catholic martyr and second Filipino saint, St. Pedro Calungsod. From Cebu Ride a Ceres bus bound to Bato via Barili in South Terminal then ask the conductor to drop you off in Malabuyoc or Ginatilan town proper.

  • From either town, you can hire a tricycle or "habal-habal" to get you to Inambakan or Mainit Hot Spring.

  • The bus ride is 3-4 hours long. The earliest trip is at 2 am for non-AC buses while 5 am for AC buses.AC bus leaves every hour and the non-AC leaves for every 30 minutes or as soon as it gets filled.From Oslob Ride a bus bound to Bato then alight in Ceres bus terminal.

  • Ride a bus again bound to Cebu city, then ask the conductor to drop you off in Ginatilan or Malabuyoc.

  • From Dumaguete You can either go to Sibulan Wharf for a fast craft to Liloan Wharf then ride a bus going to Bato, or Tampi Wharf for a 2-hour RoRo ride to Samboan Wharf.

  • From the wharf, you can take a bus to Ginatilan or Malabuyoc

  • Inambakan FallsInambakan Falls is 3.9 KM from the main road so you need to ride a vehicle to the jump off point. Then from the jump off point, it is just a short walk in a trail and then a stair to reach it. Entrance fee to the waterfall is PhP 10.00 per person. Inambakan falls road signHabal-habal ride going to Inambakan FallsWe got lost a little, we went left instead of right, but it's a picture perfect scene anywayBack on track, stairs will lead you to the watefalls When we went to Inambakan, the water current was so strong because of the previous rain and thunderstorms. The waterfall is around 100 feet high and the deepest part of the pool area is around 8 feet. Above Inambakan are two small waterfalls, Kampael and Bugnawan Falls. We didn't explore those waterfalls since it's almost getting dark and we needed to go back to Samboan to see Dao Falls. It's around 15-20 minute hike from Inambakan to Kampael and Bugnawan by the way.Water current is so strong at that timeA small not so visible rainbowInambakan FallsMontaneza FallsMontaneza falls if located in the vicinity of Mainit Spring. A little walk from the hot spring and you'll reach the series of waterfalls. The entrance fee is PhP 20.00 per person for both the hot spring and falls.Little waterfalls Before, it's difficult to reach some parts of the waterfalls since you have to climb some rocks and you also need a ladder. Good thing they already developed the area and put up some paths and stairs. A total of 7 waterfalls can be seen that comes in big and small. The biggest is the 7th but, unfortunately, it's prohibited to stay in it because of the falling rocks. Sign says it's prohibited to stay within the 7th waterfall due to falling rocksA kid jumping to the small poolLocal kids having funIf you continue walking here, you'll reach the waterfall but since it's prohibited to stay there, I didn't goMainit Spring Also, a popular destination in Malabuyoc is Mainit Spring. It has a man-made pool which water comes from the natural hot spring. There are 3 man-made pools that have different temperatures. The hottest is at 42.6-degree Celsius. Shower rooms and restrooms are available in the area. There are also some small stores where you can buy snacks. Cottages are also available for an extra cost.Mainit Springs welcome signA little Do's and Don'tsTemperatures in the poolsDon't mind my face, it's really hotRefreshments after a hot spring bathOther AttractionsSaint Gregory the Great Parish Church in GinatilanKampael and Bugnawa Falls just above Inambakan in Ginatilan

  • Heritage Tour in Ginatilan Town Proper

Cheers from Malabuyoc!

The trail getting to the final drop of this waterfall is quite exciting and not for the faint-hearted. The falls attract many adventure and thrill-seekers. You will have to crawl through holes, climb though carved footpaths and walk through knee-deep water to reach this amazing beauty.

Getting there: Take a bus headed to Malabuyoc from the Cebu South Bus Terminal, be sure to tell the conductor/ driver to drop you off at the town. When you get to the town, you can take a motorcycle ride or habal-habal to bring you to the jump-off point for the Kabutongan Falls. At the jump-off point is where you can hire a guide and rent a life vest. Trekking to the falls will take you an hour or so.

When we got there, we immediately searched for the said falls and the spring that my companions saw on a certain newspaper and on Google. What we saw was way far from our expectation. It was like a dried stream and there was no falls nor spring. The place was more like a dam than a spring.

Cebu. My first love. My hometown. My forever summer paradise. My island in the sun. No matter where in the world my wanderlust takes me, I always miss you. Your food, your people, your sounds and smells and most of all your sights. The beaches, the mountains, the waterfalls and springs and rocks and things.

The Montaneza Falls in Mainit attracts adventure and thrill-seekers. The river threads into a narrow ravine with huge boulders and flanked by limestone cliffs and dense vegetation. The three sets of waterfalls is perfect for rapelling, jumping and climbing. The cool, refreshing pools at the base of each waterfall are great for swimming. The Mainit Hot Springs where one starts their hike up the waterfalls is known to heal and sooth the weary adventurer.

Looc Falls on the other hand still remains unspoiled and a hidden jewel of Malabuyoc. A trail bordered by overgrown shrubs and trees leads to the Looc River where one passes through limestone walls flanking a good portion of the river, up a treacherous mountain trail and after an arduous hike you are greeted by the magnificent, captivating beauty of Looc Waterfalls surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and huge boulders.

In the south region of Cebu is the beautiful, oh-so-amazing falls of Kawasan. This place is totally a haven for travelers who sought for a crisp turquoise cold lagoon. The water from the pool is from the green forest of the mountain that streams through cascades and boulders. This paradise hides in the luscious tropical trees and vaults of enormous stones. 041b061a72


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