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One Piece (Dub) Episode 538 ((EXCLUSIVE))

You are watching One piece episode 538 English Dubbed in High Quality 480p Video, you can watch Other One Piece episodes from home page and scroll down to the older episodes. Enjoy Watching One piece ep 538.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 538

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The episode starts from where it left off, as Zoro cuts Hody and asks for Neptune's help to escape from Ryugu Palace. Unfortunately, Hody who was unconscious comes to his senses after taking an Energy Steroid and successfully stops Neptune and the Straw Hats from escaping. Luckily the two Ministers and the palace guards escape.

Luffy and Shirahoshi along with Chopper and Sanji reach the sea forest and find Sunny along with Franky. Jinbe and Luffy meet for the first time in 2 years, but Jinbe is greatly shocked to see Shirahoshi out of the tower and Hachi injured. Later Nami and Camie also arrive with the sad news of what happened in the Ryugu Palace. The episode ends with Jinbe apologizing to the Straw Hats for letting Arlong go on a rampage in the East Blue. 041b061a72


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