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Things To Buy Before Going To Italy !LINK!

Based on my experience traveling to unknown countries with strong cultural heritage and traditions I thought I should write this list of things you MUST know before traveling to Italy. If you are wondering how you should prepare for a trip to Italy, I am sure this post will help.

things to buy before going to italy

I have had the pleasure of spending time in Italy on many different occasions, and I found many things to know before going to Italy; here are just a few to note. For more, check out our ultimate list of Italy travel tips!

Rome has had a metro since the '50s and today three lines conveniently serve 73 stations. Many visitors save loads of money by staying at a more affordable hotel on the city's exterior and taking the train into the center to see the sites. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before hopping on a train. First, Rome is often plagued by labor strikes that temporarily shut down the metro. Keep your eyes on the news. Second, just buying a ticket isn't enough. You have to validate it in a machine before boarding the train. Third, kids under the age of 10 ride the metro for free with an adult and don't need a ticket.

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The food, culture and landscape are all a part of what makes Italy so unique. If you have never been to Italy before, there are some things that you need to know before going on your first trip! In this blog post we will discuss 37 important things that every tourist should know about visiting Italy for the first time!

Italy has been one of our favorite countries to visit thus far! Seriously though, the food and history had me wishing I never left! During our vacation in Italy, there were definitely some things I wish I knew beforehand! Therefore, I have created this detailed guide of what you need to know before traveling to Italy, especially for first-time visitors!

Preparing for your first visit to Tuscany and Italy? We've compiled a list of essential things you should both know before coming as well as keep in mind while in Italy. These are some of the things I remember catching my notice from my first time in Italy and that I've grown used to, but that I realize are still particular to Italy at times that will help you mentally prepare before your trip.

If you are lucky to have the chance to explore the streets of Venice, Milan, Rome, or Positano (along with many other amazing cities), here are some things to keep in mind that are rather different from life in North America. And as a sign of respect, we should always honor the culture we're exploring and learning about. So before you hop on that plane across the pond, be sure to freshen up on these 10 things before stepping foot on Italian soil.

One thing that surprises most North Americans is how Europeans take their sweet time. Literally. If they sit down for a coffee and cake break, you better believe they're going to enjoy every minute while soaking in the sites. They're no on their phones worry about the next item on their to-do list. If they're at dinner, dinners can be four courses; meaning, you need to eat each course slowly and reset before the next course. The waitstaff will also respect your time and doesn't buzz pass you every five seconds asking if you're doing okay. They give you space and come over if you need something, allowing you to take your time like the Italians.

Venice is a must for a lot of people but I agree people have to do a bit of research and be realistic about what they are going to encounter. I think this is true for several cities in Europe. Crowds are a big turn off for me. I have read post where local and unique things about Venice are discussed. So, there is hope but some research is needed.

Those are such great tips for visiting Venice!! I wish I had known about Row Venice before going there, I ended up skipping the gondola experience as it was far too costly. Sounds like I would have enjoyed that experience much more.

Perugia is the capital of the Italian region of Umbria, a small area of Italy with arguably the same beauty of northern Tuscany and filled with a number of interesting small towns to visit. Perugia lends itself as being a fantastic base to explore the region as not only are there a number of things to do in Perugia but a large number of students in this city ensure that there is nearly always something going on!

Umbria might not be on the mainstream tourist trail yet but with so many fantastic things to do in Perugia, it is surely only a matter of time before more visitors starting exploring this amazing region of Italy.

Also your accommodation is one of the things you better book well in advance. Staying at Lake Como is not cheap and the earlier you book, the more choices you have, and thus better prices. For example, when we checked the rates at our hotel a week before our trip, we saw that it was about 30% more expensive than what we paid when we booked it a few months upfront.

Hi Victoria, I had the exact same concerns before our trip. We chose this hotel because of its location, proximity to the ferries, parking, pool, and incredible views from the rooftop bar/ restaurant. Plus, the price was very good for the area. But indeed, some reviews were really bad. When I started reading more on our way to the hotel, I was really wondering what we'll find when we get there...But we absolutely loved it - all of it. The staff was amazing, the location was fantastic, the hotel had so much charm, and both of the rooms we had were excellent. We took garden view rooms because they are on the quieter side (lakeside is also where the road is), and it was also the side with less sun. It wasn't hot at all in August when we traveled and the air conditioning was working just fine for what we needed. I have no idea how it is when it's really hot, or how it is if you have a room with lake views (the lakeside has more sun too). But our experience was very positive and I'd stay in this hotel again in a heartbeat.It also made me realize once more that not many people leave reviews when things are just as they should be. But when we are unhappy about something, we always want to be heard. And this hotel is a good example of that.That being said, there is no way for me to know how your experience will be. If you book a room, you can always send them a note afterwards asking for things that are important to you (e.g. a cool room with well-functioning air conditioning). It never harms to ask, also when you get there.Hope this helps. 041b061a72


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