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Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island By E... _BEST_

In the late eighties, Australian comedy team The D-Generation parodied The Famous Five on their breakfast radio show as a five-part serial entitled The Famous Five Get Their Teeth Kicked In. The parody was based on the first book Five on a Treasure Island.

Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island By E...

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The fourth short story in Fearsome Tales for Fiendish Kids by Jamie Rix is named "The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping", which is about five children in 1952 on a picnic in Kent during the summer holidays. After their nap, the youngest wants an apple to eat so the children decide to steal from a nearby orchard, but they are caught by the owner, who is armed with a shotgun. It was later adapted for the Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids cartoon, which aired on CITV in 2000.

A spoof series of five books written by Bruno Vincent was published in November 2016. The books are titled Five Give Up the Booze, Five Go Gluten Free, Five Go On A Strategy Away Day, Five Go Parenting and Five on Brexit Island.[19][20] Vincent went on to write several more titles in the series: Five at the Office Christmas Party, Five Get Gran Online, Five Get On the Property Ladder, Five Go Bump in the Night, Five Escape Brexit Island, Five Get Beach Body Ready, Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre, and Five Forget Mother's Day.[21]

On their way to Kirrin Island, George shows her cousins a shipwreck, explaining it was her great-great-great grandfather's ship. He had been transporting gold when the ship was wrecked in a storm, but despite divers investigating the wreck, the gold was never found. After visiting the wreck, the five arrive on the Island and are exploring the ruined castle when a huge storm blows up, making it too dangerous for them to return to the mainland. While they take shelter on the island, the sea throws up the old shipwreck, grounding it on the rocks surrounding the island. Excited by these developments, they decide to come back at dawn the next day to investigate the wreck before it is discovered.

The following day, the five visit the wreck and discover the captain's cabin, where they find some objects belonging to George's great-great-great-grandfather, including an old box which they take back to Kirrin Cottage. The box proves difficult to open, so they throw it from the highest window of the house. The box breaks open, but the noise disturbs Uncle Quentin who confiscates the box. Not willing to give up their quest, Julian sneaks into Uncle Quentin's study and takes the box, which contains an old map of Kirrin Castle. Later in the further investigation on the map, the children find a word INGOTS, which they later understand it represents the place in which the lost gold was buried. The children realise it is a treasure map showing the location of the lost gold. After making a tracing of the map and returning the box, they decide to find the gold themselves.

To the children's shock, the box containing the map is sold to an antique collector. The same man also makes an offer to buy Kirrin Island. The children realise he has unearthed the secret map and wants the gold for himself, and so begins a race for the five to get to the gold first. Thinking the children want to spend time at the island before it is sold, Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny allow them to go camping there for one week.

Eventually, all of the characters Jake was encountered by failed their one goal: killing him. And as a result, a majority of them took a last resort to accomplish this goal. Specifically, all of the toons featured in the first three nights as they created Hourglass, a combination of all five toons into one humanoid being. Notably, though, The Face and Undying had left the location entirely as they weren't present anywhere on this being. This happened during Greg's disclaimer about Jake being able to leave the island later than anticipated due to the team needing more time to prepare, leaving him there for one more night while needing to counter the attacks from the brand new, unknown being. At the starter for said night, he received yet another call from Henry that coerced him into visiting Pirate Caverns once more, telling him the code to the room on Floor 3 is "3497" before hanging up. It should also be noted that a silhouette of Mickey Mouse started appearing in front of him on occasion as he dropped the monitor down, likely as a distraction to force Jake into confusion and lead Hourglass to a more vulnerable target. However, Jake didn't submit to this distraction and continued pursuing his battle against Hourglass, which was successful, and he survived even the amalgamation of the first five creatures, allowing him to revisit Pirate Caverns.

There are numerous clinically significant aspects of the skin, including the dermatomes of the skin, skin segments divided based on the afferent nerves they are supplied by which are numbered according to the level of spinal vertebral from which they arise. There are seven cervical, twelve thoracic, five lumbar, and five sacral. Certain diseases like shingles, caused by varicella-zoster infection, have pain sensation and eruptive rashes that involve a dermatomal distribution. Dermatomes are useful in the diagnosis of vertebral spinal injury levels. Aside from the dermatomes, the cells of the epidermis are susceptible to neoplastic changes resulting in various cancer types. Some autoimmune and immunological diseases target the desmosomes and hemidesmosomes founds in the epidermis. Certain infections can also disrupt the integrity of the epidermis along with drug reactions that present variably as well.

Luzonocoptis gen. n. differs from Palaina Semper, 1865 (type species: Diplommatina macgillivrayi Pfeiffer, 1854) by the unique shell shape, the strongly expanded peristome, and most importantly, the presence of a columellar tooth, which continues to a strongly developed lamella (see Yamazaki et al. 2013 and Neubert and Bouchet 2013). The most similar diplommatinid genus in terms of shell characters is Hungerfordia. Luzonocoptis gen. n. differs from Hungerfordia by the presence of an interrupted columellar lamella, and the rachidian tooth, which possess five well-developed cusps. In contrast, the columellar lamella of Hungerfordia is not interrupted, and the rachidian tooth is simpler, with a single, or three cusps.

Radula (Fig. 2E). Radula taenioglossate. Teeth arranged in v-shaped rows, each transverse row with seven teeth (2-1-1-1-2). Rachidian tooth strongly constricted in its middle part, having five cusps (central cusp largest, blunt, other four cusps pointed); inner marginal and two outer marginal teeth have shallower constriction of plates, and are slightly longer and more slender than central tooth; inner marginal teeth with four pointed cusps, third one (counting from the side of rachidian tooth) is largest; outer marginal teeth with four pointed cusps. 041b061a72


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