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Dj Bobo Take Control

"Take Control" is a 1993 song by Swiss artist DJ BoBo, taken from his first album, Dance With Me (1993). It features vocals by singer Christiane Lupp (also known as Christiane Eiben) and was a top 10 hit in Austria and Switzerland. Additionally, it peaked within the top 20 in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. On the Eurochart Hot 100, the song reached number 21. Outside Europe, it was very successful in Israel, peaking at number two. It sold to gold in Germany.[1]

Dj Bobo take control

Pasturelands are currently shrinking at a dramatic rate due to the continuous expansion of cultivated fields as well as to land grabbing by urban elites and industrialists. This process has triggered a very large body of literature (Hagmann and Ifejika-Speranza 2010) with evidence from East Africa (see among others McCabe et al. 2010, Beyene 2009, Desta and Coppock 2004, Homewood et al. 2004) and West African savannas (see among others Moritz 2012, Gonin and Tallet 2012, Van Steenbruggen 2005). The immediate causes of the reduction in the extent of pastureland are well documented: population growth, extensive cropping practices, land reserved for conservation or agribusiness, and technological innovations (ox-drawn ploughs, herbicides). Here we take a different viewpoint, as we focus on the social and territorial consequences of these changes for the pastoralists themselves. Although access to pastureland was never free-for-all, it was previously relatively open (Kintz 1982, Thebaud 2002). Now, in addition to the reduction in the extent of pastureland, access to existing pasturelands is being restricted. 041b061a72


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