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Owen Watson

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Moments later, Junda reappeared to aid Kestis, only to be easily defeated after a short clash of blades, being flung aside. Commenting on the strength of Junda's hatred, Vader was impressed when Junda was able to temporarily bring him to his knees with the dark side of the Force and commented how he could feel it inside of her. Once Junda resisted his efforts to goad her into the darkness, Vader attempted to kill both her and Kestis, but Junda was able to hold it at bay with a force-barrier long enough for Kestis to use the Force to shatter a number of windows surrounding them, causing water to pour into the complex and forcing Vader to use the Force to hold back the flood, as Kestis grabbed Junda and escaped through the opening.[250]

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Leaving the battle, Vader reentered the castle while the Mustafarians continued their attack. Upon returning to the locus, he used the Force to unleash a devastating attack, wiping out the rest of the Mustafarians. Vader was then met in combat by Momin, who mocked Vader for thinking he could control the dark side. As he chastised the Dark Lord for his ignorance about the Force, Vader used the Force to ram Momin with a rock, crushing his new body and killing him. With Momin dead, Vader finally opened the door and stepped inside.[253]

Around 2 BBY[269] and shortly after the Empire's victory over the Batonn sector insurgency, Vader arrived at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant and was introduced to the newly promoted Grand Admiral Thrawn, the very same Chiss officer he had met during the Clone Wars, by the Emperor. When Thrawn stated he was pleased to finally meet the dark lord, Vader claimed to feel the same.[270] 350c69d7ab


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